Are We on the Verge of Disrupting the Security Business Model?


On Monday we will be assembling some of the best minds and leaders in security at the Executive Summit Series at The Boeing Company in Arlington, Virginia.

When leaders come to the table with open minds and share their unique perspectives, the possibility that we will see and witness breakthroughs is assured. The breakthrough for one leader may be different than another, but what we do know, after many forums over the years, is that a majority of leaders will launch a personal, professional or organizational initiative. And that initiative will one day impact our industry.

Since we have been in conversations with each of the adjunct faculty of this forum, we know this is possible, because they already have impacted us; how we see ourselves and our role in leading innovation and change in security.

We are excited to participate with you in conversations that will challenge us, possibly unnerve us, and, ultimately, change us.

Looking forward,

The Executive Summit Series Team