Investing in the Future


We are all persistently asked to attend events around the world. The calls are urgent, at times persuasive, but they demand the exercise of our most critical assets: time and intellectual capital of our key resources.

There are many educational events and seminars. You can receive credit for these toward professional designations.

But what if you could also create a force multiplier by expanding your intellectual capital and identifying and leveraging others who might take your program to the next level?

The Sage Group and Mattice and Associates have been identifying thought leadership and emerging innovations that are redefining ‘best practices’ in the industry. The Sage Group calls the aggregation and thematic presentation of these learnings: The Great Conversation in Security. Mattice and Associates has the CSO pedigree and incisive and penetrating advisory that has assisted leaders throughout the industry. The two organizations have combined to deliver The Executive Summit Series on November 12 at The Boeing Company in Arlington, VA. It precedes the OSAC Annual Briefing at the State Department, the ISF Annual Awards Dinner, the ISMA EIFEL program and ISMA’s Annual Reception during that week.

“The Executive Summit Series provides risk and security executives and their teams with an outstanding opportunity to be exposed to extremely relevant, thought provoking and leading edge programs.  The Summit’s interactive and collaborative environment allows opportunity for sharing insights and lessons learned that is difficult to replicate at other events.  I believe this noteworthy aspect of the series will pay significant dividends for attendees.” 

-Michael Mason, Senior Vice President & Chief Security Officer, Verizon Communications

It is an invitation only summit and will be rigorously applying Chatham House rules. The outcome of the Summit are the take-aways that will lead to the optimization of your risk, resilience and security program.

We ask you bring to the table your front of mind issues and challenges, and your current ideas how they might be addressed.

It will be a great summit and a great conversation.