Preparing for an Executive Conversation

Leaders at ESS.png

When Lynn Mattice and I prepare for an Executive Summit Series, you will usually find us on the phone or in person with thought leaders, subject matter experts and practitioners who have a front row seat on a variety of topics. From the global risk condition to the national one; from the deployment of enterprise risk programs to the deployment of drones; from cutting edge findings on privacy vs. surveillance to security’s role in supply chain management and the intelligent building.

We also act as advisors to the influencers of risk management programs and technology acquisitions. We believe it is our role to advance the entire ecosystem to a greater level of efficiency and value.

If we are successful, we do our part in making this a better and safer world.

This year we are donating a portion of all monies collected to fund the summit series, back to associations that are aligned with that same purpose. Two non-profit organizations which provide support to two key public-private partnerships are The International Security Foundation (ISF), which provides vital support to the U.S. State Department's Overseas Security Advisory Council, and the Domestic Security Partnership, which provides vital support to the Domestic Security Alliance Council led by the FBI and DHS.

Isn’t that exciting! We not only are sharing our knowledge and our innovations; we are helping to fund our industry’s growth and effectiveness.

This is an invitation only Summit. And the only way we can continue to invite people is to get to know them. You can do this by registering, allowing us to understand your role in the industry, and by sending us an email introduction to Lynn and I will get the message and get back to you, or have Jennifer Perez help you get enrolled.

We only have two months to go before we meet at The Boeing Company for another executive session. Please put it on your calendar today.

Ron Worman
Executive Summit Series Co-Chair.