Leaders ready to Lead: Executive Summit Series 2.0

Risk and Opportunity. Multiple dimensions of thought and experience. How do you harness the knowledge, consume it and activate it to protect people, property and the mission of your organization? The Executive Summit Series works with an ecosystem that includes thought leaders, business practice leaders and innovators for one purpose: to arm the leaders with the tools to innovate and change.

The Art of the Possible

A congress of risk, resilience and security leaders converged on Washington DC the week of November 12, and a few select leaders were chosen to assemble at the Executive Summit Series. There were many issues to discuss as well as great challenges to address. However, a few prevailing themes emerged: Leadership, vision and a operating platform for innovation.

Intelligence as a platform

In a sensor driven world, we are being asked to create an accurate picture from an overwhelming amount of data. The exponential degree of interoperability will need to occur, which demands a new level of collaboration between vendors. On the horizon is machine learning. How do we make sense of all this and, therefore, predict our future?